african print uganda/baganda attire niece beautiful and smart 4 wediings

Brand Name: We have all types of brands. We also ship in material brands on clients order that is for case when the client is specific. We are a large supplier of bridal fabric in Kampala and Uganda at large. We import bridal net materials from Kenya, China, UK, USA and other parts of the country. Joma's Boutique is a known as the best bridal material boutique in Kampala, Uganda. For all wedding net materials , bridal Fabrics, we are your prefered choice. All our bridal materials, bridal fabric(s) are imported.

Technics:    Embroidered

Material:    Polyester / Cotton and many other materials based on your preference or choice

Feature:    Friendly

Fabric Type:    Meshed / Neted

Decoration:    Rhinestones

Use:        Fashion Apparel for Occasion Wedding Party and other occassions

Packing:    We park for you 5 yards and more pieces as your order will dictate

Place of origin:    Guangzhou of China

Free Shipping:    Yes we deliver and for clients that are far kindly reach us through our contact details

Name: Mulisa Joyce

Telephone Contact: +256-780234005