Single concertina wire at Rik security systems

Single concertina wire is a common type of the concertina wire. Rik security systems sold Single concertina wire have various types. The Rik security Single concertina wire has the following specifications. It general runs in natural loops on fences or walls. At RIK SECURITY SYSTEMS, we can provide different specifications for customers.

Materials include: 

Low carbon steel wire, 

galvanized wire, 

iron wire, 

galvanized steel sheets, 

stainless steel sheets.

Single concertina wire features:

Aesthetic appearance.

Protective excellent performance.

Costless and easily install.

High tensile strength.

Good flexibility.

Uniform layer of zinc.


This concertina wire specifications: The wire blade common styles include blade tape (BT): BT-60, BT-30, BT-22, BT-20, BT-18, BT-15, BT-10.

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