Stainless Steel Juicer-Blender Combo 600-Watt/2 Speed & many other Juicers

Buy your Juiver machine from us. Call Joma’s Boutique on number 0780234005 to have your order delivered. More about your Juicer from Joma’s boutique. Healthy and Fresh Slow Juicer: It’s slow in speed, very little heat is introduced into the juice. As a result, you can store your fresh juices for up to 48 hours, without losing any of the nutritional value. It is Efficient Juicer Masticating: High yield, little pulp. This enables the juicer to process ingredients faster, the juice yield are very smooth and little pulp. It can juice almost anything with 3 difference filters. Fineness Filter for spinach, kale, wheatgrass, chard, beat, carrot, orange, green leafy vegetables. Coarse Filter for jam likes strawberries, apples or pineapples. Sorbet Filter make some fruits sorbets.

Quiet Juicer Machine: The motor is quiet, has better noise control. It can’t disturb your neighborhoods. Small components best for your daily using, not take much kitchen countertop. Just enjoy a quiet and comfortable life while squeezing juice.

Easy to use and clean: It’s easy to remove the juicing bowl and mix the different juices. With the drip-free design, there are less juices spilled out from the juice bowl. All detachable parts are easy cleaning with a brush. 2 years warranty, please contact us if you any issues about the juicer.

Name: Mulisa Joyce

Telephone Contact: +256-780234005