Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector Garrett THD

From searching suspects to searching crime scenes. The right security wand helps make a difference/real difference. The Garret THD tactical hand held metal detector is currently the best on the market. It allows you to search a full body thoroughly and reliably using it's uniform detection field. 

  1. The Garret THD tactical hand held metal detector is designed with Garrett's patented full 360 plus detection. 
  2. It also boasts a silent alert system so the security personnel can keep the upper hand in all situations alerting the suspect to 
  3. their find only when fully ready. 

  4. It is easy to use

You need it to enhance your security needs. Below is the Contact person. 

Contact Person: Martin Magala

Contact Number: +256-772489902 / +256-702777734, info@riksecurity.com